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PGI Friday: "Read" and Run

PGI Friday: Context Rich Conferences

I admit it.  I'm a little blogged out this week.  I've been playing major catch-up on the We've Always Done It That Way blog (since we all agreed to post 20 ideas by end of May and I only had 6 as of a week ago) and we just started the ASAE & The Center's BostonBlog.  So, I'm cheating and referring you to a potentially great idea I already posted about over on the WADITW blog - creating context-rich conferences.  Check it out   BTW, as many of my colleagues also procrastinate as well as I, be sure to check in often at the WHADITW blog over the next week or so because I suspect there will be a deluge of interesting and mind-stretching posts.  And, I know it takes a few minutes to comment on the blog posts, but please do since your kudos, critiques and criticism will will help us make the final product (a book) much better.


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