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PGI Friday: Providing Guidance to Applicants

Is your application process new or complex?  Have you recently converted the application to an online form?  If so, consider adding visual instructions for your applicants to make them feel at ease with the forms and/or process.  After all, you don't want the form or process to be a roadblock for applicants.

ASTD has utilized a simple Word document with screen shots (see the tutorial link) to guide its applicants through its online application and payment system. (Note: I'd suggest converting to PDF to increase access and I'd add some pointer images on each page with more specific instructions.)

CDR has utilized a flash presentation with screen shots (click on the yellow light in the middle of the page) to describe its recertification system and walk through paper and online instructions.  Listeners can click any slide on the outline to jump ahead if only a specific section is relevant at that time (such as the online instructions on slide 33).  I created this presentation so if you're interested in how CDR did this (software used, etc.), contact me.   You'll notice there are some audio variance issues with the presentation; the audio files were taped at different times using different taping sources so we plan to retape and republish soon.  But, that aside, I think it's a great way to provide information and instructions to applicants...and it's easier and more affordable than you might think. 

Consider how you could use these ideas or others to simplify the process for your applicants.


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