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PGI Friday: Filtering

Like most, your members are probably overwhelmed by the deluge of information available on the Internet and in their mailboxes.

Filtering is our PGI for today.  What is it?  Extracting from the information masses only the relevant information for a particular audience. A few examples,

  • prioritizing key content areas (in which members face challenges, where contradictory or vast research exists, etc.) and engaging experts in the field to filter out the nuggets and/or summarize findings/trends
  • providing opt-in headliner e-mails that contain current news headlines about the industry that are linked to the actual articles (for broad fields, these can be issue-specific)
  • website personalization (providing additional relevant content to members based on identified preferences or actions – think amazon.com)
  • selling customized versions of your industry research (by industry segment, for example, rather than the full data set)

Save your members time by filtering out the excess or irrelevant information.


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