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Best certification quote from ASAE 2007

I just returned from the ASAE & the Center's annual conference in Chicago and will have plenty to share about the event over the next week or so.  But for now, I'll share a quote that all certification professionals should hear.  It came from an attendee at Tuesday's certification session and I'm sorry that I didn't catch her name, but here it is:

When employers ask, "What if I invest in training and certification for my employees and they leave?," this individual responds:

      What if you DON'T invest in training and certification....and they STAY?!

That's a great response we all should remember and use.

Test Security Resources

Test security is an important and rising concern among certifying agencies.  Here are a few valuable resources

The Association of Test Publishers has a wiki that was developed to support their Security Initiative, which began in February 2006.  You'll have to establish a wikispaces account to participate, but that's a quick and simple process.  There are several good resources on the site, and since it's a wiki, you can request access to contribute to the site.  Caveat:  it doesn't say, but you may have to be an ATP member to contribute the the wiki.  But, you don't have to be a member to view the valuable information there.

Also, Caveon is hosting two free webinars:

Wednesday, August 29, 12:00 EST   Migrating your Paper-n-Pencil Test to the Computer with Security in Mind

Wednesday, Septembert 26, 12:00 EST - Do It Yourself Test Security

Click here to register.

Source:  Caveon's Cheating in the News Newsletter, 8-3-07