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Certification Gets Social!

Course Evaluation

In today's Learning Trends, Elliott Masie suggests a new twist on face-to-face course evaluation. Instead of the traditional smiley sheet, he suggests you "Ask your learners to, in small groups, re-design the program.  Give them 10 minutes and ask them to do a rapid re-design of the Sequence, Scope and Activities in the class."

This approach sounds like a great one for limited attendance seminars - much more engaging and meaningful....but what about big multi-session conferences?  I think it'd be a great experiment to use an online community site post conference to do the same activity.


Lisa Junker

What an interesting idea! I'd love to see more of this kind of thing before a conference or meeting, too, not just as post-conference evaluation. Taking some of the freedom and participant input of the unconference format and putting it to work for conferences where a pure unconference isn't doable ...

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