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These two outstanding images (not graphically outstanding, of course, but outstanding in message!) are from a presentation of Garr Reynolds (found here) in which he summarizes some key points from Dan Pink's new book (written in manga - comic bookish) called: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need.    Take a few minutes to view the slides; there's a great message there (and of course in the book too).  I just ordered a couple copies, including one for my nephew in college (with college graduations coming up - consider this as a present).  Actually, I should probably order more.  I know so many people that just tolerate their jobs, and I've never understood this.   

Here's one.  A few years ago I asked a friend how things were going (professionally)?  She responded, fairly apathetically, "Okay...you know, it's a job."  I was speechless.  Why?  She's a neonatal intensive care unit physician.  How can that just be a job?  I would sure NOT want an MD without both passion and expertise to be responsible for keeping babies alive!  Get rejuvenated or get another job please!

Anyway, if you're one of this just plodding along in your job (or you know someone who is), get the book.  Perhaps it'll jolt you (or them) into a realization of what you (they) really should be doing.



Hi Mickie:

I guess I'm very strange because I love my job! Every day is, by no means, perfect but I can't think of any other place I'd rather be or any other kind of work I would want to be doing.



Ken, you are not strange, you're just very fortunate!! As am I, because I never dread Monday! If I did, I'd do something else.

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