ASTM E36.30 Meeting on Certificate Standards
ASTM E36.20 Committee on Standard Terminology for Personnel Credentialing

ASTM E36.20 Terminology for Personnel Credentialing

The committee to discuss the (still draft) credentiaing terminology standard is meeting tomorrow 8:30 - 11 mountain and I still plan to live blog from it.  My secret plan to appear quite disinterested and make no eye contact until after a note-taker is identified!  ;-) Not really, this group has a secretary so I think I'm safe (famous last words...).

I heard from the chair today that there have been comments/concerns expressed regarding some of the terms in the draft so I can't wait to hear more.  I wanted to link to the draft but now I can't find it online.  I'll ask first thing tomorrow if it's available and link to it.  You can read some background here.  Until tomorrow...


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