Not a Good Reason to Certify
Certification Body within a Parent Association

Online Complaints and Grievances...and a recognition program

The Global Information Assurance Certification organization allows for formal complaints to be filed against their certificants via an online process.  Check it out here.  They also have an online grievance submittal process.  Most transparent and easy to use process I've seen to date.

Plus, check out the way they recognize their certificants through their Hero program.  According to GIAC, the GIAC IT Security Certification Hero recognizes GIAC certification holders that have made a substantial improvement in the security in their organization, whose certification has had an impact on their career or has resulted in a contribution to the information security community.  Very cool.

Also notable, the GIAC certifications have achieved ANSI Personnel Certification Accreditation based on the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standards.


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