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Certificate Standard Update

I've had a couple individuals assume that the certificate standard mentioned in various sources recently is the standard that I've worked on.  I need to clarify that it is NOT.  The standard that was recently published is the NOCA Standard for Assessment-based Certificate Programs.  I am the technical lead for the Standard Practice for Certificate Programs developed through ASTM International

I've been asked by many so I did want to share that the ASTM standard has been finalized in content and just awaiting review and approval by the ASTM Committee on Standards that reviews all ASTM standards to ensure all procedural requirements have been met to designate this standard as an American National Standard (ANS).  The final ANS is expected to be published in March.  Also, I should clarify that although NOCA published its standard, it has not been designated as an ANS. 

When the ASTM standard is published, I'll post access information here at Beyond Certification. 

Also, I appreciate reader Amy Smith's recent comment to this blog; she said:

"I'm not sure if the key stakeholders of this process realize how balanced you have been on this issue. It has been great to watch you weigh both sides of the topic and come to a rational decision and pursue it faithfully. It's never easy going against the grain, but I honor your bucking the "Always Done It That Way" mentality. Growth is never easy but I'm really glad that you are helping to lead the way."

Amy had the opportunity to see the contentiousness of this situation while she participated in a joint meeting of ASTM International and NOCA stakeholders.  I very much appreciate her support, as well as the support others (including many of you!) have given me.  It has not been easy taking a position in opposition of my own professional association.  And there certainly have been consequences.  But also great rewards.  And, most importantly, if I could do it all over again, I would again make the decision to support the ASTM standard rather than NOCA's because it is the right course for the industry, and a course I will continue to pursue faithfully.


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