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Good Reads for Association Educators

If you're like me, all too often the industry magazines gets pushed aside in a "to read later" pile that you sometimes never return to.  Well, don't let that happen to this month's Association Now which is full of good advice for association educators.  Here's a rundown:

  • Conference admission: $ (Pay what you can) page 14

  • E-learning expectations page 16

  • A conference for the members by the members page 17

  • Interactive vs. lecture-style learning page 20

  • The Right Connection page 23

This was the magazine's first "crowd-source issue" -- meaning that readers picked the story ideas --and it was just brilliant.  You can access the articles here.


Joe Rominiecki

Thanks for the kind words, Mickie. Just a quick FYI for readers here: Associations Now articles are available online to the public, not just members (though some of our other materials are members-only, so it's all very confusing, I admit). Anyway, anyone here who isn't an ASAE & The Center member, please feel free to follow that link, as well. Glad to hear you found some useful material in this month's issue!

Lisa Junker

Mickie, thanks so much for this post! As Joe said, we're really glad you enjoyed the May issue and found it to be useful.

We're definitely going to be trying our hand at crowdsourcing again, in various ways; we're excited about all the great ideas our readers have shared with us already!

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