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Article on Test Item Analysis

Here's a good article for organizations needing or wanting to ensure the quality of their tests.  It describes how to calculate item difficulty and item discrimination in Excel and SPSS (and explains what the results mean).   While most certification programs outsource measurement functions to testing agencies, organizations offering certificate programs and post-tests of training courses would benefit from using these basic quantitative measures to examine the quality of their tests.

Social Media for Professional Development Survey

Jeff Cobb ( is updating the free eBook Learning 2.0 for Associations 

to discuss new technologies and to offer new and different examples of the ways in which associations are using social media (blogs, wikis, social networks, Twitter, etc.) as part of their professional development activities.

To support the revised version of the eBook (which will remain free), he has launched a very brief survey to gather more information about how association professional development programs are using social media - not just for e-learning, but in all aspects of the education they deliver.

The survey should take no more than a few minutes to fill out, and survey participants will receive a copy of the results.  To participate, follow the link below and complete by Tuesday, July 21.

Respond even if you are not using any social media since part of the purpose is to get an idea of how many organizations are actually using social media as part of their professional development activities.