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Just left the www.trainingindustry.com webinar by Elliott Masie and thought I'd share a few takeaways.

Two of the disruptive trends (disruptive meaning that they are changing the way we do things) he discussed were 1) use of video for learning and 2) social learning.

Regarding the use of video, Elliott described seeing explosive use of short video stories from learner peers, SMEs or customers to set the stage or provide the context for learning. He's finding that many organizations are accepting the use of self-shot videos (using Flips, etc.) but a key word here is short.  The videos are not the full course - they just set the stage or contribute to key points.  Guess I need to dust off the Flip.  Only use it has gotten lately is catching Matthew's slick dance moves or Megan's freethrows.

Regarding social learning, he reminded us that there is very solid research on the value of social/collaborative learning that dates far back (in other words, while the tools may be new, the concept is not).  He encouraged us to build social learning into our training/education programs as part of the course design.  In response to a question he also mentioned that bulletin boards are one of the least effective tools he's seen for collaborative learning.  Amen to that.  I've been seeing a lot of inactive bulletin boards / electronic lists in the certification and overall association communities.  He says you're lucky if 10% of those on the board/list are active. 

But, I ask, what can we do to have more active virtual conversations?  Just yesterday a certification colleague presented a question to me and we discussed it but also then said how nice it would be to be able to get substantive feedback on the question from many.  We even lamented that the currently available certification discussion lists might generate one or two comments, but not a conversation. Recently I've had some good discussions (via comments on posts) on Facebook and I do check in there frequently.  For me it's not out of sight, out of mind like many of the other community sites are for me.  Here's an experiment.  I've set up a FB group called Certification Connection.  If you're on Facebook, search by the name and join!  Let's see if we can get some conversations going there.  For those of us who use FB often, it'll work great I think.  If you don't frequent FB then I don't think it'll work any better for you than any of the other communities, although like others you will get e-mails of the items posted by others and could click in.   Let's give it a try.  I don't want to add to the clutter of communities already out there - so if our experiment fails, we'll shut it down, but let's give it a try! 

And lastly, here's a nice resource list on social learning.


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